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BTGF is presented by and in collaboration with the following:

(All screenings take place in the Ray Stark Family Theatre SCA 108)

Friday, October 5, 7:00pm - 8:30pm

USC + UCLA + CalArts: Animation by Women Students and Alumni                                Curators – Lisa Mann, Sheila M. Sofian, Celia Mercer, Maureen Furniss, Maija Burnett. Q&A with filmmakers.

Saturday, October 6, 6:30pm – 8:00pm Screening + Panel #3

The Women of Titmouse Animation: The Inbetweens of Education, Employment & Everyday Life (28:30 mins.) by Chrissy Guest, Assistant Professor, Media Arts, Sciences, and Studies, Ithaca College

This 2018 documentary tells the story of a diverse group of female creatives in various independent studio roles and examines their pathways to success. Their educational experiences and other factors in career trajectory are brought into question while their perseverance will inspire future generations. 


Following the screening, panelists will share their diverse pathways from classroom to career. 


Watch the trailer >>

Sunday, October 7, 6:00pm - 7:30pm in the SCA Courtyard

Collider Getting Sick

VR project by Lisa Müller-Trede

Do the dynamics of a space shift when sharing it with a virtual body that lacks haptic resistance?


Our awareness of our own physical borders forms the basis for our perception of potential collisions. How does this perception guide our behavior? This short situation investigates impact as motoric guidance. In particular, the lack of haptic borders enables a penetration of virtual bodies. How may such ruptures affect our sense of agency?